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Further IPPE grant success

IPPE has again been successful, this time securing a highly prestigious Templeton grant. The details are as follows:

Compassion at the Heart of Well-Being: An Inter-Disciplinary Study of Well-Being in a Healthcare Setting — $316,000AUD


Professor Felicia Huppert, Dr Paul W Atkins, Professor Joseph Ciarrochi, Dr Greg Fairbrother, Dr Anya Johnson, Dr Simon Keller, Dr Helena Nguyen, Dr Sean O’Connor, Dr Baljinder Sahdra, Dr Geoffrey Samuel, Nickolas Yu

Funding Body

The Templeton Foundation


Sydney Local Health District

Project Details

This project uses multiple disciplinary perspectives to explore: a) the nature of compassion and well-being, and the ways they are related; b) the acceptability and effectiveness of interventions to enhance compassion and well-being; and c) the effects of these interventions on both the individual and those around them. The core of the project is a randomised control trial with nurses, for whom compassion and well-being are vital to the provision of quality care, but who often work in settings which produce high stress, overwork, and ‘compassion fatigue’.

The RCT compares two compassion-based interventions and a control condition using a research design which incorporates qualitative and quantitative outcome measures in participants as well as staff and patients with whom they interact. The study employs a number of objective measures such as psychophysiological markers of stress and resilience, social network analysis, and ethnographic observations. Our project aims to contribute to the best-practice design of interventions to enhance compassion and well-being.

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