Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

The Institute for Positive Psychology & Education (IPPE)  is led by its founding Director, Professor Rhonda Craven. IPPE prides itself on the calibre of our internationally renowned researchers and scholars, backed by a talented professional staff team.

Research at IPPE capitalises on the positive psychology revolution sweeping social science research worldwide. Working collaboratively with scholars across the world, our researchers drive and achieve tangible success in international research in positive psychology.

We are recognised for substantive and methodological advances in research into physical and psychological well-being, resilience, and self-concept, for developing psychometrically sound measures of important psychosocial outcomes, and for achieving synergistic blends of rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and applied research.

Collectively our research teams have been awarded over 70 Australian Research Council grants (including ARC Future Fellowship and DECRAs). Before gaining Institute status at ACU, IPPE was an established world-class research centre (founded by Professor Marsh in 1998). It is 4th-ranked in ARC grants in Education, 1st in Indigenous Education (Behrendt, 2013)1 and the 7th-ranked educational psychology program in the world (Smith et al, 2003)2.

We have a fundamental concern for justice, equity, diversity, and the dignity of all human beings.

Our core values include empowerment, ethical research, harmony, cultural security, academic freedom, respect, and responsibility.



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