Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

Strategic Vision

  • Our Vision

    To lead scientific research that empowers individuals and groups to thrive.

  • Our Mission
    • To conduct world-class, multi-disciplinary research in positive psychology and education that makes a difference in addressing critical educational and psychosocial issues.
    • To undertake research to positively influence the lives of individuals, families, communities and organisations, and translate theory and research into effective policy and practice.
    • To drive excellence in positive psychology through rigorous research that fosters the common good.
  • Our Values

    We have a fundamental concern for justice, equity, diversity, and the dignity of all human beings. Our core values include empowerment, ethical research, harmony, cultural security, academic freedom, and respect and responsibility.

  • Our Research
    • Indigenous Culture, Education, and Well-Being
    • Mindfulness, Compassion, and Action
    • Physical Activity, Sport, and Health Psychology
    • Positive Education
    • Positive Organisational and Social Context
    • Positive Psychological and Social Development
    • Positive SELF and Well-Being
    • Substantive-Methodological Synergy
  • Our Objectives
    • Attracting external research funding to support our vision
    • Building strong research partnerships
    • Producing high-quality publications
    • Graduating outstanding PhD students
    • Maximising the positive impact and visibility of our research
  • Our Priorities
    • Research Excellence
    • Exemplary Publications
    • Outstanding Students
    • Impact