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On behalf of the NSW Department of Education and the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education, I wish to invite you to a presentation by world-renowned expert in human motivation, Professor Richard Ryan.

Professor Ryan is the co-developer of Self-Determination Theory, a perspective that has been applied across the world in areas such as education, child development, work, medicine, and sport.

Students’ engagement, performance, and well-being are strongly affected by the quality of their motivation, and the basic psychological need satisfactions they experience in the classroom. In turn, classroom climate is deeply affected by teachers’ motivation, and the climate in schools set by principals. Self-determination theory (SDT) details how the styles and strategies of motivators such as teachers, coaches, and parents can promote or undermine experiences of autonomy, competence and relatedness in school and the positive motivational and learning consequences that follow from these satisfactions. In this talk, Professor Ryan will provide an overview of the SDT approach, with special emphasis on students’, teachers’, and principals’ motivation, persistence, and well-being. In addition, he will emphasize the practical issues in implementing strategies that catalyze high quality motivation in the classroom, and among school staff.

Following his presentation, there will be a Q&A session to explore Professor Ryan’s work in more detail and discuss its application in NSW schools.

There will be coffee, tea and sandwiches provided upon arrival.

There is also free onsite parking for all attendees and attached is a map of the campus.

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