Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

The Institute for Positive Psychology and Education 2015 Conference:
 Converting Science into Practice

Learn how to apply Positive Psychology principles to promote optimal performance and well-being.

Making the latest scientific breakthroughs in Positive Psychology accessible to practitioners.

Saturday 6 June 2015
Australian Catholic University
25A Barker Road Strathfield NSW 2135

Bridging the gap between science and practice

During the last three decades, science has made many discoveries about how to promote thriving. But academics and practitioners often live in different worlds and there is a gap between what has been discovered in the lab and what is being done in the field.

Academic researchers are great at developing theories and testing ideas, but can become disconnected from the demands of the practical world. Practitioners develop context-sensitive ways to promote thriving, but often lack the time to step back and explore new ways of doing things.

The inaugural IPPE Conference seeks to bridge the science/practice divide.

The Conference will feature world-renowned authors and researchers, such as Professor Barbara Fredrickson, creator of the Broaden and Build hypothesis and bestselling author of Positivity and Love 2.0.

This IPPE Conference will interest teachers, students, psychologists, health professionals, managers, leaders and members of the public.

Featuring fun and informative workshops, the Conference will teach you how to apply scientifically-grounded positive psychology research in practice.

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