Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

The NHMRC Partnerships Projects Scheme provides funding for university researchers and policy-makers, service providers, clinicians, and managers to work together to collaborate on research in areas which affect Australian’s health and healthcare and to integrate the research evidence into health policy and service delivery.

Organisations who may partner on the scheme include government organisations working in areas that affect health (eg education, urban planning), private sector organisations (eg private health insurance providers or private hospitals), not-for-profit, and community organisations.

Applications which focus on services and programs for Indigenous health are encouraged.

Projects may be of up to five years’ duration and the maximum amount of funding that may be requested for a single application is $1.5 million.

Partner organisations must make a combined total contribution (in cash and/or in-kind) that is of at least the same value as the funds sought from the NHMRC.

There is a continuous application process, with up to three rounds per year. Typically, as each round closes, the next round opens. Grants awards are announced throughout the year.

For further information please contact Linda Riek, Senior Manager Research Development at IPPE.