Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

Professor Christophe Maïano

PhD (Universite Montpellier 1)

Professor Christophe Maïano is Associate Professor at the Departement de Psychoeducation et de Psychologie at the Universite du Quebec en Outaouais (Quebec, Canada) and holds an adjunct appointment at the Institute for Positive Psychology & Education that is related to ongoing research collaborations with IPPE’s members. Christophe’s expertise broadly covers psychosocial interventions, adapted physical activity interventions, and health prevention and education interventions, all aimed at improving the physical and psychological well-being of individuals with an intellectual disability (ID), physical health problems, or mental health disorders.

His current research projects are centered on: a) the assessment of multidimensional self-conceptions, mental health, and well-being in youth with or without an ID; b) the identification of social factors (social comparison, stereotypes, significant others, friends, school, etc) related to the development of multidimensional self-conceptions in youth with or without an ID; c) the interrelations between these social factors and multidimensional self-conceptions and the more global biopsychosocial adaptation of these youth (physical fitness, obesity, eating disorders, depression, well-being, etc); and d) the effects and efficacy of physical activity and physical activity interventions for furthering positive outcomes for youth with physical, psychological, or social disabilities or disadvantages.