Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

Closing the Disadvantaged Gap: Self-Beliefs and Task Value as Drivers of Educational Choices During the Post High School Transition

ippe-project-closing-disadvantaged-gapThere is an ever-widening gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students in Australia. Even successful interventions typically increase the gap, with advantaged students gaining the greater benefits. While most efforts focus on test scores, evidence suggests that non-cognitive outcomes (self-concept, task value, motivation, social context) are critical in closing the gap.

Using an innovative blend of multiple, large-scale primary and secondary data sources, as well as new and evolving statistical models, this study will test predictions about successful educational transitions made by disadvantaged students. The results will provide opportunities to take action to strengthen the economic and social future of disadvantaged youth in Australia and beyond.

Researcher: Dr Philip Parker
Start Date: 1 January 2014
End Date: 31 December 2016
Funding Body: ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award

Download Fact Sheet (PDF, 645kb)