Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

Australian Centre for Indigenous Thriving

A new generation of Indigenous people are turning dreams into reality: Education; economic participation, self- esteem and success are part of this new Indigenous world, and there is no going back (Marcia Langton (2013). Boyer lectures 2012: The quiet revolution: Indigenous people and the resources boom. Sydney: HarperCollins).

ACIT answers these needs and brings together a partnership of leading Australian and international Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, next generation researchers, government, industry partners, and communities with a shared commitment to addressing Indigenous disadvantage as a critical issue of our time. ACIT’s purpose is to enable Indigenous children, youth, and communities to not just succeed but thrive with a focus on educational, physical, psychological, and family and community thriving. ACIT employs:

  • a positive psychology strengths-based approach founded upon identifying, building upon, and augmenting Indigenous success;
  • excellence in research to integrate and leverage in new ways, Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, and being with advances in international research that are based on western scientific approaches that have benefitted disadvantaged populations globally; and
  • prioritising the voices and agency of Indigenous children, youth, and communities and undertaking research in genuine partnership.