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The Helmsman Project: Giving At-Risk Adolescents Skills to Navigate Life's Journey and Make a Difference

This project aims to investigate how to keep able, but disadvantaged, youth engaged in school and give them the psychological tools they need to succeed. It proposes a randomised control and extended baseline control testing of a combined personal coaching and outdoor education (sailing) program. This is designed to foster positive psychological outcomes by developing goal strategies, resilience, self-regulation, and hope.

The study aims to be extensive and novel, capturing the experiences of not just the participants but their peers, parents, teachers, and alumni mentors. Both traditional survey and experience sampling data will be collected.

Researchers: Professor Herb Marsh, Professor Joseph Ciarrochi, Dr Philip Parker, Professor Felicia Huppert, Dr Travis Kemp
Start Date: 1 July 2014
End Date: 30 June 2017
Funding Body: ARC Linkage Grant and The Helmsman Project Limited

Download Fact Sheet (PDF, 834kb)

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