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Transforming Lives and Communities: Impact of Quality Indigenous Education

This research project, undertaken by IPPE in partnership with The Scots College, will explore the impact of Indigenous education programs in transforming lives and communities.

There is a revolution in Australian education whereby private boarding schools are actively enabling Indigenous students to reap the rewards of a quality education.

This research has the potential to cultivate Indigenous talent and academic excellence, develop strategies that transform the lives and communities of those involved in Indigenous education programs, contribute to closing the gap in educational and economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians, and materially strengthen the socio-economic fabric of Australia at large.

Researchers: Professor Rhonda Craven, Professor Janet Mooney, Professor Alexandre Morin, Professor Alexander Yeung, Associate Professor Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, Dr Anthony Dillon, Mr Jonathan Samengo

Start Date: 1 July 2015
End Date: 30 June 2018
Funding Body: ARC Linkage Grant and The Scots College

Download Fact Sheet (PDF, 165kb)

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