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Triumphing in the New Indigenous Australia: Explicating Key Psychosocial Determinants of Successful Indigenous Professionals' Socio-Economic Well-Being

A new generation of professionals is triumphing in a new Indigenous Australia. There is a paucity of research that has explained the drivers of this success which has enabled these Indigenous Australians to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Hence little is known about how to replicate this success. This research aims to identify the psychosocial determinants of Indigenous professionals’ socio-economic well-being.

The expected outcomes will include new, research-derived strategies for enhancing Indigenous Australians’ socio-economic well-being, thus improving Australia’s productivity and economic growth, while advancing international Indigenous theory, research and practice, and building research capability of Indigenous researchers.

Researchers: Professor Janet Mooney, Dr Anthony Dillon, Dr Fabri Blacklock, Dr Marjorie Seaton, Dr Natasha Magson
Start Date: 1 January 2015
End Date: 31 December 2017
Funding Body: ARC Indigenous Discovery Grant

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