Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

Indigenous Culture, Education, and Well-Being

Who says Indigenous Australians can’t flourish and thrive?

We apply international advances in positive psychology theory, research, and practice to find out what the drivers are that enable Indigenous people to triumph in the face of adversity — and there are plenty of examples of Indigenous success to learn from:

  • over 30,000 Indigenous university students
  • over 3,000 Indigenous PhD graduates
  • over 19,000 Indigenous professionals.

This program utilises a positive psychology framework to develop and implement strengths-based, research-derived approaches to Indigenous education and well-being.

The program explores how to identify and replicate Indigenous Australians’ well-being to enable them to attain positive educational and life outcomes.

The Indigenous program also strives to strengthen teaching and learning in Indigenous Studies and build the research capability of Indigenous researchers.

Indigenous research is embedded throughout IPPE’s research programs.

For further information please contact Professor Janet Mooney.