Institute for Positive Psychology & Education

3 December, 2018 – Excercise for depression – Presented by Dr Andreas HeiBel

28 November, 2018 – Is a positive self concept always useful? Identifying factors that moderate the link between self-concept and high school dropout – Presented by Melissa Schellekens, IPPE

21 November, 2018 – Development of a Practical Model for Coaches to Use Mental Skills Training to Enhance Psychological Strengths and Performance for Athletes – Presented by Vijay Kumar, IPPE

7 November, 2018 – Meta-analysis and latent profile analysis of intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations – Presented by Emma Bradshaw, IPPE

31 October, 2018 – Some nuts and bolts of meta-analysis – Presented by Emma Bradshaw & James Conigrave, IPPE

24 October, 2018 – Providing a nudge towards success: Evaluating an innovative text messaging intervention to increase educational attainment and academic achievement in high school. – Presented by Joseph Ciarrochi

17 October, 2018 – Positive Education – Presented by Rob Stevens

10 October, 2018 – What makes a good friend? The role of nonattachment in promoting well-being in friendship networks: An update – Presented by Emma Devine, IPPE

3 October, 2018 – Surprised – Curious – Confused? Epistemic Emotions and Knowledge Exploration – Presented by Professor Reinhard Pekrun

26 September, 2018 – The prospective effects of Class-average achievement on self-concept and achievement – Presented by Dr Sven Rieger
– Does the provision of written grades and report cards in the end of elementary school reinforce the Big-fish-little-pond effect? – Presented by Moritz Fleischmann

19 September, 2018 – Bullying and the nature of problems: Implications of structured vs. Ill-structured problems for the development of bullying in schools – Presented by Dr Roberto Parada

12 September, 2018 – Leaving Town? Differential effects of rurality on contemporary youths’ higher education aspirations and attainment – Presented by Nicola Cull

5 September, 2018 – An introduction to systematic review management software – Presented by Professor Chris Lonsdale

29 August, 2018 – New developments in the Prosocial process for enhancing cooperation in groups – Dr Paul W Atkins

8 August, 2018 – 3 Minnute Thesis: “The Six Ways to Well-Being, Reimagining The Pursuit of Happiness” – Presented by Geetanjali Basarkod

1 August, 2018 – Qualitative methodology for the social sciences – Presented by Associate Professor Paul Rhodes

25 July, 2018 – Open Mike Sessions.
– Increasing Educational Attainment amongst disadvantaged youth: An innovative social support intervention – Presented by Joseph Ciarrochi
– Mindfulness based on social inclusion training – Presented by Joseph Ciarrochi on behalf of Baljinder Sahdra
– Determinants to STEM educational and career aspirations and attainment: A developmental-contextual study of Australian children. – Presented by Jeisi Guo
– ScreenTime in children’s health – Presented by Taren Sanders
– Phil is looking to apply for a Future Fellowship – Presented by Philip Parker

18 July, 2018 – Mindfulness and Acceptance Approaches to Athletic Performance – Presented by Michael Noetel

11 July, 2018 – Behavioural Change in the Unemployed – Presented by Darren Coppin

4 July, 2018 – The Many Faces of Identity: Is identity a relevant construct for understanding and enhancing learning? – Presented by Professor Dennis McInerney

27 June, 2018 – The Role of “Race” as a Social Context for the Development of African America Adolescents – Presented by Professor Jacque Eccles, IPPE

20 June, 2018 – The effects of socioeconomic status on cognitive and language development, and early academic achievement in kindergarten children – Presented by Professor Kevin Chung

13 June, 2018 – Australian Centre for Indigenous Thriving: Update on Progress for an ARC Centre of Excellence Bid – Presented by Dr Robert Brockman, IPPE

6 June, 2018 – The Six Ways to Well-Being (6W-WeB): A new measure of valued action that targets the frequency and motivation for six behavioural patterns that promote well-being – Presented by Geetanjali Basarkod, IPPE

30 May, 2018 – An informal presentation by Prof. Richard Ryan of some of his current and “in progress” research studies. – Presented by Professor Richard Ryan, IPPE

16 May, 2018 – Cultivating Compassion: Examining Factors that Inhibit and Facilitate Compassion in Children and Adults – Presented by Dr James Kirby

9 May, 2018 – Physical Activity for Youth with intellectual disabilities: An analysis of determinants and outcomes – Presented by Nathaniel Kapsal, IPPE

– Relationship Between Teacher’s Interpersonal Style and Student Outcomes in Physical Education – Presented by Diego Vasconcellos, IPPE

18 April, 2018 – Fun with text mining: Super charge your literature reviews and novel approaches to qualitative analysis – Presented by Associate Professor Philip Parker

11 April, 2018 – Preliminary results of the ‘Internet-based Professional Learning for Teachers to Promote Activity in youth (iPLAY)’ trial. – Presented by Dr Taren Sanders

4 April, 2018 – “More Pain Than gain?”: A multi-faceted investigation of university students’ distress, disengagement and departure – Presented by Cameron Williams, IPPE

28 March, 2018 – The upsides and downsides of the dark side: A longitudinal study into the role of prosocial and antisocial strategies in close friendship formation (Joseph Ciarrochi, Baljinder Sahrda, Patricia H. Hawley, Emma Devine, Philip Parker) – Presented by Joseph Ciarrochi, IPPE

21 March, 2018 – Education Reform, the Real Cost: Education Outcomes as the expense of the school principal – Presented by Diane Carroll, IPPE

14 March, 2018 – The Nature of Positive Education: Theoretical Framework, Measurement, and Outcomes – Presented by Rose Pennington, IPPE

7 March, 2018 – May the Force Be With You: The Centrality of Psychological Need Satisfaction/Frustration for Police Wellbeing – Presented by Professor Herb Marsh, IPPE

7 March, 2018 – The diminishing state of school principal well-being: The impact of policy and passion – Presented by Marcus Horwood, IPPE

28 February, 2018 – Re-thinking the nature of physical activity data. What is the role of learning in behaviour change? – Borja Del Pozo-Cruz, Mike Noetel, Philip Parker & Baljinder Sahdra, IPPE

21 February, 2018 – The Role of Dimensional Comparison in the Relationship between Expectancy, Values, and Self-regulated Learning – Presented by Dr Kate Xu

– Is HIIT Hot or Hated? High-Intensity Interval Training from an Exercise Psychology Perspective – Presented by Mary Jung

14 February, 2018 – The influence of socioeconomic status on changes in young people’s expectations of applying to university – Presented by Dr. Jake Anders

7 February, 2018 – The development of pupil’s motivation and academic self-concept in classes with and without a special emphasis in Finland – Presented by Satu Koivuhovi

13 December, 2017 – Pre-submission: The benefits of believing you can change: Growth mindset weakens the links between low self-esteem and negative outcomes

6 December, 2017 – Population patterns and predictors of literacy and numeracy growth from primary to high school: The role of social-emotional learning – Presented by Associate Professor Kristine Laurens

29 November, 2017 – Update and Discussion on Mindfulness and Well-Being: research application, hype and hope. – Presented by Professor Felicia Huppert

22 November, 2017 – COC: What makes a good friend: The role of nonattachment and empathy in promoting well-being in friendship networks – Presented by Emma Devine

15 November, 2017 – Growth Approaches to Students’ Academic Development: Exploring the Roles of Personal Best Goals and Growth Mindsets – Presented by Professor Andrew Martin

8 November, 2017 – That’s entertainment! (?): Some musings on video games, TV dramas, and comedy using self-determination theory – Presented by Professor Richard Ryan

1 November, 2017 – WELL-BEING: its Nature, Measurement and Development – Presented by Dr John Franklin

25 October, 2017 – Sustaining a challenging career: The Regulation of Emotions at Work over time – Presented by Dr Anya Johnson & Dr Helena Nguyen

18 October 2017 – Facebook, fitbits and phones: novel technology-based approaches to physical activity interventions – Presented by Associate Professor Carol Maher

11 October 2017 – Culture, Parental Occupation, and Girls’ Interest in Science – Presented by Dr Jeisi Guo, IPPE

4 October 2017 – Achievement Emotions: Challenges and New Directions – Presented by Professor Reinhard Pekrun, IPPE

20 September 2017 – Within- and between-domain relations between teacher discrimination and student motivation – Presented by Dr Friederike Helm

13 September 2017 – Creating evidence-based mentally healthy workplaces – Presented by Associate Proffessor Samuel Harvey

6 September 2017 – Promises and pitfalls of conducting meta-analytic reviews: Exploring challenges from two current reviews – Presented by James Donald, IPPE

30 August 2017 – Using the PAX Good Behavior Game to increase prosocial behavior in schools, after-school settings, and communities to heal historic trauma and present adversity – Presented by Dr Dennis Embry

16 August 2017 – Novel psychosocial treatments for schizophrenia – Professor David Penn

9 August 2017 – Pre-submission Semiar: Title: Teachers’and students’ perspectives of using restorative practices in schools: “It’s got the power to change behaviour” – Presented by Michelle Kehoe, IPPE

2 August 2017 – Interventions to improve children’s reading and language skills – Presented by Professor Charles Hulme

26 July 2017 – Research Smarter, Work Faster: Using technology to facilitate your research – Presented by Aidan Wilson, ACU IT Strategy and Planning

19 July 2017 – Australian Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth in Friendship Networks: Perceived Stigma, Social Support, and Embeddedness in School Friendship Networks – Presented by Dr Baljinder Shadra, IPPE

12 July 2017 – Theoretical Explanations of Five Paradoxical Frame-of-Reference Effects on Academic Self-concept Formation: A Pan-human universality study of generalizability over Countries and Constructs – Presented by Professor Herb Marsh, IPPE

28 June 2017 – Motor Development of Adolescents: Theory, Assessment and Future Directions – Presented by Dr Ryan Hulteen, IPPE

7 June 2017 – Pathways to the extreme: Psychological mechanisms underlying radicalisation – Presented by Dr Luisa Batalha – Lecturer, School of Psychology, ACU

31 May 2017 – Understanding the Psychological and Social Origins of Gender Disparities in Self-Beliefs, Motivation and Educational Attainment – Presented by Ms Brooke Van Zanden, IPPE HDR Student

24 May 2017 –  Investigating the Relationship between Sleep and Physical Activity in Children: is it Reciprocal? – Presented by Mr Devan Antczak, IPPE HDR Student

17 May 2017 – Fostering Purpose in Life/Meaning in Life, Across the Life Span – Presented by Mr Levi Brackman, IPPE HDR Student

3 May 2017 – The relationship between a sample of Australian primary student’s beliefs about intelligence and academic achievement: a mindset intervention pilot study – Presented by Mr Kris Wrona, Senior Psychologist, NSW Department of Education

26 April 2017 – Tempting Teacher Training: Factors associated with user engagement in online professional development courses – Presented by Jane Lee, IPPE HDR Student

19 April 2017 –  An introduction to the Australian Data Archive – Presented by Dr Steven McEachern, Director of Australian Data Archive, Australian National University

5 April 2017 – Creating Community Change and Mental Health Promotion – Presented by Nicole Gibson, Founder and CEO of The Rogue & Rouge Foundation and Mental Health Commissioner with the National Mental Health Commission

22 March 2017 – Profiles of aspirations: Predictors and relations to positive functioning – Presented by Emma Bradshaw, IPPE HDR Student

15 March 2017 – Benevolence: Could the need to do good to others be a basic psychological need? – Presented by Dr Frank Martela, University of Helsinki, Finland

8 March 2017 –  Loneliness and Gratitude in Daily Life across the Adult Lifespan – Presented by Dr Helena Cui, School of Psychology, ACU

1 March 2017 – Recent Issues on Passion and Wellbeing – Presented by Professor Robert Vallerand, IPPE

22 February 2017 – Sampling of Recent Substantive/Methodological Synergy Research – Presented by Professor Herbert Marsh, IPPE

15 February 2017 – Moving Research Knowledge Into Action to Enhance Child Health: Pearls and Perils from Action Schools! BC – Presented by Professor Heather McKay, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

1 February 2017 – Investigation and Contextualisation of Autonomy Supportive and Coercive Parenting – Presented by Jasper Duineveld, IPPE HDR Student

25 January 2017 – Enhancing Adolescent Self-concept, Life Effectiveness and Locus of Control: The Immediate and Lasting Effects of Outdoor Adventure Education – Presented by Mathew Pfeiffer, IPPE HDR Student

2 November 2016 – Hello Sunday Morning: A goal patterns analysis of a social networking site designed to reduce problem drinking – Presented by Ms Emma Bradshaw (IPPE PhD Student)

27 October 2016 – Well-Doing – Personal Projects and the Shape of a Life – Presented by Professor Brian R. Little, University of Cambridge

19 October 2016 – Detect and deliver – using smartphone technologies to improve mental health – Presented by Professor Helen Christensen, Black Dog Institute

12 October 2016 – Exploring the value of implicit measures, using examples from self-concept and mindfulness research – Presented by Dr Leah Kaufmann, School of Psychology, ACU

31 August 2016 – Interventions to improve  children’s reading and language skills – Presented by Professor Charles Hulme; Professor of Psychology at University College London, Professorial Fellow with ACU, School of Psychology – Brisbane

24 August 2016 – Understanding neighbourhood green space and weight status: Evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children- Presented by Mr Taren Sanders, Research Fellow, IPPE  

27 July 2016 — The Framework of Achievement Bests  — Presented by Professor Alexander Yeung (Deputy Director, IPPE), and Associate Professor Huy P Phan and Dr Bing H Ngu (University of New England)

13 July 2016 — Early Career Researcher Forum: Strategies and Tactics for Boosting Your Academic Career — Presented by Jenny-Lee Heylen, Senior Manager Research Development, IPPE

22 June 2016 — Student Evaluations of University Teaching: Recommendations for Policy and Practice — Presented by Professor Herb Marsh, IPPE

15 June 2016 — Domain Specific Physical Activity and Mental Health: The Role of Self-Determined Motivation — Presented by Rhiannon Lee White, IPPE HDR Student

8 June 2016 — Non-cognitive Predictors of Math Achievement in PISA & TIMSS and Cross-cultural Findings with Anchoring Vignettes and Overconfidence — Presented by Professor Lazar Stankov, IPPE and Assoc Professor Jihyun Lee, UNSW

25 May 2016 — ‘SPARK’: A Values Discovery App for Acting on Your Core Values — Presented by Assoc Professor Vijaya Manicavasagar, Black Dog Institute

18 May 2016 — An Information Distortion Model of Social Class Differences in Math Self-Concept, Intrinsic Value, and Utility Value — Presented by Dr Philip Parker, IPPE

4 May 2016 — Transforming Lives and Communities: The Scots College Indigenous Education Program — Dr Anthony Dillon, IPPE and Mr Jonathan Samengo, The Scots College

27 April 2016 — Occupational Therapy Assessment and Indigenous People: The Inclusion of Culture as an Integral Aspect of Comprehensive Assessment — Catherine Pace, IPPE HDR student

13 April 2016 — Mindfulness and Coping With Stress: A Multi-Method Examination — James Donald, IPPE HDR student

30 March 2016 — Relationship Between Teachers’ Interpersonal Style and Student Outcomes in Physical Education — Diego Vasconcellos, IPPE HDR Student

16 March 2016 — From Rewards in the Laboratory to Pay in the Workforce — Professor Ed Deci, Professorial Fellow, IPPE

9 March 2016 — Six Ways to Well-Being: A Behavioural Measure — Geetanjali Basarkod, IPPE HDR Student

2 March 2016 — Behavioural Change in the Unemployed — Darren Coppin, IPPE HDR Student

24 February 2016 — Vocational Interests, Achievement, and Occupational and Academic Choices — Professor Dr Olaf Köller

17 February 2016 — Empathy and Compassion: A New Understanding of Their Roles in Well-Being — Professor Felicia Huppert, IPPE

3 February 2016 — Study of Motivation of Teachers in Hong Kong — Rohan Perera, IPPE HDR Student

3 February 2016 — Active Engagement? The Relationship Between Adolescents’ Physical Activity and School Engagement — Katherine Owen, IPPE HDR Student

9 December 2015 — Do Implicit Malleability Beliefs Buffer the Negative Effects of Low Self-Esteem — James Conigrave, IPPE HDR Student

2 December 2015 — Mindfulness Within the Full Range of Buddhist and Asian Meditative Practices — Professor Geoffrey Samuel

14 October 2015 — Towards a Psychological Atlas of the World — Professor Lazar Stankov, IPPE

7 October 2015 — The Relations Among Academic Motivation, Self-Concept, Aspirations, and Choices: Integrating Expectancy-Value and Academic Self-Concept Theory — Jiesi Guo, PhD Student, IPPE

7 October 2015 — Sports Participation for Adolescents with an Intellectual Disability: An Analysis of Outcomes and Determinants — Nathaniel Kapsal, PhD Student, IPPE

23 September 2015 — Gaining Insight Into Young People’s Responses to Positive Education Using Innovative Multi-Level Methods — Assoc Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick, University of Melbourne

16 September 2015 — Beyond the Mirror: Factors that Affect Body Image and Its Impact on Well-Being — Geetanjali Basarkod, PhD Student, IPPE

9 September 2015 — A Model of Art Therapy for Aboriginal Children, Within the Preschool — Shiri Hergass, PhD Student, IPPE

2 September 2015 — Imagine: An Adolescent-Led  Intervention to Promote Well-Being in Disadvantaged Schools — Professor Joseph Ciarrochi and Dr Baljinder Sahdra, IPPE

12 August 2015 — Improving Outcomes for Aboriginal People with Cancer — Dr Anthony Dillon (IPPE) and Mr Rajah Supramaniam (Cancer Council NSW)

5 August 2015 — A Reciprocal Effects Model of Children’s Body Fat Self-Concept — Associate Professor Alex C Garn, Louisiana State University

29 July 2015 Cross-Cultural Generalisability of Year in School Effects Professor Herb Marsh, IPPE

22 July 2015 — Mindfulness and Coping With Setbacks: Evidence From Four Studies — James Donald — PhD Student, ANU

15 July 2015 — Racism Against Aborigines: What the Surveys Shows — Dr Anthony Dillon, IPPE

8 July 2015 — When Failure Promotes Growth: A Review of Growth Mindset Research and an Empirical Examination of Growth Mindset Measures — James Conigrave — PhD Student, IPPE

1 July 2015 — ‘The UniWellbeing Course: Improving Students’ Access to Evidence-Based Treatments’ — Dr Vincent Fogliati — eCentreClinic, Macquarie University

24 June 2015 — Cultivating the Heart of Health and Life-Giving Care: The Beginning of a Program of Research and Work — Nickolas Yu and Karen Bowen, Sydney Local Health District

17 June 2015 — Mindfulness and Acceptance Approaches to Athletic Performance — Michael Noetel, PhD Student, IPPE

10 June 2015 — Hard Times: The Effect of the GFC on Multiple Dimensions of Well-Being — Dr Phil Parker, IPPE

3 June 2015 — Is Positive Psychology on a Negative Trajectory? — Darren Coppin, PhD Student, IPPE

27 May 2015 — In the Loop: Identifying and Responding to the Psychosocial Support Needs of Children and Young People When a Loved One is Missing — Elizabeth Davies, PhD Student, IPPE

20 May 2015 — Mindfulness and Motivation: Psychological Flexibility and Autonomous Motivation for Physical Activity — Matt Jenkins, PhD Student, University of Otago, Dunedin

15 April 2015 — Bullies, Victims, and Not-so-innocent Bystanders: Measurement, Psychosocial Correlates, Risk and Protective Factors, and Intervention — Professor Herb Marsh, IPPE

1 April 2015 — ProSocial: An Approach for Building Cooperation and Prosociality in Groups — Dr Paul W. Atkins and Professor Joseph Ciarrochi, IPPE

18 March 2015 — The Development of Academic Performance and Adaptation in the Context of Interpersonal Relations — Adjunct Professor Noona Kiuru, Department of Psychology, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland